We had the pleasure on the weekend of helping transform/create a community garden at St John’s Anglican Church in Blackburn along with 30 or so volunteers from the local community as part of the City of Whitehorse Sustainable Living Week.

Carey and Adam from VEG helped facilitate the explosive flow of people, wheelbarrows, compost, mulch and plants to implement the VEG design. It’s days like this when being a part of this business is extra great.  Here’s a few photos from the day…

And a letter from the wonderful garden caretakers Alison and Amanda:

Hello Everyone

  We felt the winning of permablitz award was a great blessing.  It came to us as a surprise.  Special thanks to Andriana Kursar (Whitehorse council) and Adam Grubb (VEG, Very Edible Gardens) who arranged everything in a short amount of time for the permablitz day.  We think the concept of permablitz day is wonderful.  We had lots of fun getting to know people from different walks of life who have the same interest and it give us a sense of community that can be very hard to find this time of days. 

  With the help of VEG team and their expertise, we created a very sustainable garden that is practical, low maintenance and beautiful.  We hope this garden will be a little green space for the local people and children, among all the urbanized apartments.  A place for people to recreate, reconnect with the local Church, where children can play and learn where the food comes from.  Not only that, there will be flowers to smell and good to look at.  All in all, we are so grateful to all the people who came on that day and without their help, we couldn‚Äôt achieve what we are looking at right now.

Yours sincerely,

Alison and Amanda

St John’s garden