So lovely to receive this email from a past design customer.  We did a permaculture design for an edible garden for Jo from Endevour hills well over a year-and-a-half ago and it is so great to hear of and see pictures of such backyard abundance!  Thanks so much Jo for your permission to reprint your email here and congrats on your progress!


“Hi Dan,
I have attached the picture of the plan I received from you on 6th March 2010 as well as some others. Also a couple of set from Flickr. I don’t expect you to look at all of them!! 🙂

Garden 2010
Garden 2011

We have completed most of the work, planted trees, extended chook run, made straw yard, but we put the tank in at the front rather than the back. We are very happy with the production and hope to get bees in the next few weeks.

Your plan is very much the blue print of what we do.
Thanks so much,