Landed has landed!

After a year or so of design and development discussions and explorations, we recently launched Landed. Landed is a new VEG offshoot where in partnership with our friend (and VEG co-founder from back in the day!) Nathan Edwards we have this vision:

We help people make big plays for the good life, by holding their hands through the process of escaping the city and finding appropriate property for a more grounded, sustainable and resilient existence, with all the knowledge and resources they need to make a cracking good go of it.

We literally help people get landed in terms of finding the right land for them and then supporting to land safely on that land.

Currently we’re loving working with customers John and Rosie on their 70 acres. Here’s a little clip about one of the sessions on that property (focused on how we are using Living Design Process within the Landed service). Don’t miss Nathan’s little dance at the end…

And a rather lovely comment from John about how it’s feeling from their end:

It has been immensely influential working with Dan, Nathan and Adam for our 70-acre property in Central Victoria over the past several months. They are an amazing team. Intuition helped us find the land and good fortune helped us find them. Their wisdom and passion for land and “place” has guided us with great clarity. It’s helped us be imaginative, but also stay grounded and be patient. Two things have been central to that: their emphasis on helping us to make decisions comprehensively and patiently, and the deep and generous know-how their trio brings to the collaboration. Working with Dan, Nathan and Adam from before we purchased the land, through the current holistic planning stage is the very best decision we could have made – and we’re looking forward to realising the land’s potential with them.

You can stay in touch with how that project is going here and check out landed here.