It has been VEG’s great luck to net a winner with our newest team member, Brendon Farlow (we’re still in negotiations with the chicken).

As explained on our team page, Brendon came knocking on the VEG door in 2017 after meeting Dan on an Advanced Design course. We’re sure glad he did! With unsurpassed thoroughness, a love for moving bulk materials and a deep commitment to edibilising the landscape, Brendon has been bringing his enthusiasm and skills to VEG ever since. From his first encounter in 2005 with the Permaculture Designers Manual at the local library, he’s spent loads of time learning with some of the best known exponents of permaculture, and has since grown his own edible design business Inspired Abundance. When he’s not busy transforming the suburbs into one giant edible landscape you’ll most likely find him hanging out with his chooks, who form an integral part of his dynamic home-based economy, which includes bees, market-garden style veggies, fruit trees and a frog pond (replete with edibles of course) – check out his Instagram channel for what’s happening this season.

The only real problem we’ve had with Brendon so far is sleeping on the job. He’d been denying it, but Jeremy caught him in the act on camera here: