The absolute best thing about this job is the people we work with.  Here's a few of the crew...

Dan Palmer – VEG Director

Dan has two Permaculture Design Certificates, a BA and Masters Degree in Social Science, and a PhD in Systems Thinking. His teachers and mentors include permaculture founders Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, as well as Darren Doherty, Geoff Lawton, Rick Coleman, and Rosemary Morrow, the last of whom he spent seven months teaching and implementing permaculture in Ethiopia and Uganda. He's completed an Advanced Permaculture course with David Holmgren and short courses with Elaine Ingham, Rowan Reid, Joel Salatin, Kirk Gadzia (on holistic management) and Graeme George. Co-founder of the permablitz movement, Dan contributes regularly to permaculture and organic gardening publications and courses in Australia and New Zealand. Dan lives and grows a fair bit of his food in Castlemaine with his wife Amanda and daughters Ciela and Nikka. Dan and Amanda are developing a 7-acre permaculture property in NZ with Dan's folks to which they will some day abscond.  Dan has written a personal perspective on the beginnings of VEG here.


Adam Grubb – VEG Director

Adam is a recovering computer geek and writer on global energy issues.  In 2003 he was the founding editor of the energy news clearinghouse Energy Bulletin which became the globe's most popular website about peak oil.  He took a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2004 and his teachers and mentors have included luminaries such as David Holmgren, Bill Mollison, Darren Doherty, Geoff Lawton and Graeme George.  He visited Kinsale, Ireland in 2005 and helped promote and develop the ideas that became the Transition Towns concept.  He turned up to the first permablitz in 2006 in time for a beer and BBQ, but Dan lets him say he was a 'co-founder'.  He's been a caretaker of permaculture co-founder David Holmgren and Su Dennett's Melliodora property in Hepburn Springs and collaborated with David on his Future Scenarios work.  As well as directing VEG he helps organise the global permablitz network, writes and does regular radio appearances, keeps bees, and lives in a beautiful garden in Brunswick.  He is also a well-known expert on edible weeds and co-author with his wife Annie Raser-Rowland of The Weed Forager's Handbook (Hyland House, 2012).


Carey Priest – Warehouse Manager, Senior Designer & Educator

Carey rocked up to the second ever permablitz so has been part of the loop since way back. He held Dan's hand on our first ever professional design in Melbourne, attended the very first meetings that later became VEG, and in the last four years or so has become a real VEG mainstay. Carey is behind getting the VEG warehouse off the ground, and more recently is becoming a core designer and educator. Adam and Dan have been working on getting Carey to come on board as a director as soon as possible and they are hopeful they will soon get their way. Sometimes dubbed FC for Farmer Carey or Farmer Cez, Carey has for several years been developing his farming skills on the 30acre 40-Kay Farm in Melton. Read more about FC here.  

Matt Missen - Manager, VEG Implementation Division

An architect by trade, Matt has to our good fortune jumped ship in to landscaping and with Josh forms the core of our installation team. He's is a good-natured gun - more organised than any of us and always calm, professional, and the guy that sees the job through to successful completion time after time in style. Matt is father to two lovely kids we get to hang out with at VEG social gatherings and is a keen veggie gardener and chook keeper. Matt is still happy to moonlight as an architect so let us know if you'd like his contacts! Read more about Matt here.



Cassie Carter - VEG's Smooth Operator

Cassie is VEG's all-over-everything person and are we glad to have her on board! Cassie mixes it up with helping Carey present workshops, helping VEG PDC and other courses go smoothly, being our best in-house photographer by a long shot, proof-reader par excellence, warehouse assistant, and well, really just help-to-make-go-better person that we find ourselves thanking for existing pretty much every week!



Josh Tucker - Senior VEG Installer

We love Josh who always brings a smile and a rural-born practical know-how to his work with VEG. Our customers regularly take the time to contact us sharing how much they have enjoyed Josh's presence in their garden and we know why - he's just super lovely! Here's a few words from the man himself: "G'day my names Josh Tucker. I am a proud member of the Veg crew. I love making things grow and working on projects. I help build things in peoples backyards and am quite sure we do great things. I also enjoy working as an outdoor leader and camping/ travelling with my fiancée. I am part of a community garden called produce with a purpose and I feel very lucky to have my current life."


Paul Miragliotta - VEG Warehouse Linchpin

You can usually find Paul in the VEG warehouse on Tuesdays where he joins bits of wood together using a technique called... carpentry! It requires handy hands to use the array of tools in the workshop to build a chookhouse or raised garden bed. He wasn't so great with a hammer and it usually got him a blue thumb. Thankfully that hasn't happened in a while. Touch wood! Paul completed a course in carpentry for building and construction recently and was able to study it part-time on Friday evenings and Saturdays for a year. Though it destroyed his weekend social life he recommends it as one way for permaculture people to really get practical. Read more about Paul here and his way cool Farmer Incubator project (that is gradually winning him over meaning we see him a bit less but we're starting to follow him out to his farm so he can't escape ;-)) here.


Notable Ex-Team Members we love and don't want to take down

Nathan Edwards – VEG co-founder and honorary team-member-in-perpetuity

As one of the four founders of VEG Nathan is an experienced permaculture designer and has also been employed by the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens Project at a Northcote Primary School. Nathan completed his first Permaculture Design Certificate at Crystal Waters Permaculture eco-village in 1999 and  his second in 2006 with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton in Melbourne. He is currently owner building and developing his 10 acre property in Castlemaine along permaculture principles, and doesn't come to help us out in the city anywhere near as much as we'd like him to.


Will Pullin - Long-term Senior VEG Installer Emeritus (now with Permaculture Hand in Newcastle) 

Will has cycled around Australia, worked on a sailing boat in the Mediterranean Sea and volunteered on a permaculture project in Africa. His love for eating fresh food and dedication towards self-sufficiency and the human-powered concept are driven by his triathlon and cycle commuting lifestyle. His passion for life and life long learning show through his willingness of character and unstoppable enthusiasm. Will has a degree in Industrial Design and has done two Permaculture Design Certificates, and is a powerful force physically and with good vibes in VEG. When he's not working with VEG he also manages the gardens and runs workshops at the Port Philip Ecocentre. Read more about Will here. We were so sorry to see Will leave us in 2015 but stoked to see him returning to his hometown of Newcastle to start his own VEG-style business and we wish him all the very best of luck!