Kay Baxter

Here at VEG we are counting the sleeps until we host a rare Melbourne visit of Kay Baxter and Bob Corker in early June.  This wonderful duo are so far ahead of the game it's not funny. They have been growing virtually all their food, including grains, for over 30 years, and if the supermarkets ran out of food they would probably not realise for some years!  Kay Baxter is a household name in the NZ gardening and permaculture community as a legendary seedsaver and author of several popular books on food production, orchard design, and nutritious food.  She speaks from the heart and years of experience about her journey into the art of producing and preparing nutrient-dense food in a way that can sustain our soils and bodies for generations to come.  Bob Corker has been a permaculture designer for three decades, is the founding force behind the Kotare ecovillage project in NZ, and with Kay is a co-founder of NZ's Koanga Institute.

Dan & Amanda from VEG recently had the pleasure of working alongside Kay and Bob in NZ to present one of the two Permaculture Design Certificate courses the Koanga Institute runs each year.  It was a wonderful experience living in the land of the Kotare community land trust, eating nutrient-dense well-balanced food, and being able to include practical design, fruit tree pruning, food forest planting and other workshops throughout the course.

During their visit Dan will take Bob on a tour of some of the permaculture properties in and out of Melbourne, and in addition to Bob and Kay each presenting a workshop/talk, we are thinking of hosting a casual evening of discussion for those interested in learning more about the Kotare project - contact us if you're interested.