"We want to create a city that feeds itself, a giant edible ecosystem

Who We Are

Back on an April Sunday in 2006 we got together with a few friends and helped transform a backyard based on permaculture principles into an edible oasis (see the pics!).  That was the very first permablitz -- a day on which volunteers come together to install edible gardens, share knowledge, build community networks and have fun.  It's a concept that's now gone global and continues to inspire us.

Permablitz UnoDan, Adam and friends at the first ever permablitz

In 2008 we started Very Edible Gardens (VEG) so that these things which we were so passionate about could become our livelihood too.

The most excellent VEG team, October 2013 (L-R: Paul, Will, Carey, Kim, Dan, Kerry, Adam & Matt)

Blitz 100
Dan and Adam at Permablitz 100 in 2010

Since then we've done many hundreds of permaculture designs, courses, veggie bed and chook systems installations, while we work with an ever expanding and outstanding team.

We like to think of the gardens we help create as edible ecosystems, but it can start as simple as a single small veggie bed. 

We know how rewarding it is to grow your own food, you just need to get your design right and follow a few key principles.  It's genuinely exciting to us and we want to share that.


Dan Palmer, Adam Grubb and the VEG Team

Our Statement of Purpose

In a nutshell, VEG exists to help grow healthy and abundant communities landscapes and livelihoods by designing and creating regenerative human-supporting ecosystems.